A person's livelihood refers to his/her means of securing the basic necessities -food, water, shelter and clothing- of life. It contributes the maximum to define the quality of life he/ she lives. Without a strong livelihood leads to absence of poverty and absence of poverty leads to presence of higher attainment in other aspects of life.

SOVA focuses on three categories of population for its livelihoods programme; First, the youth who are yet to establish a livelihood, second, traditional artists/ crafts persons and, lastly farmers.

The size of young community is bulging and existing opportunities are sinking; especially in context of livelihoods. We have to create more avenues for the youth and let them have an opportunity to contribute to their personal growth and simultaneously to national growth, in terms of productivity and prosperity.

Traditional Artisans/ Crafts persons
Art and Craft has always been in vogue. It is needed to make the art and craft suitable to the buyers' needs and choices. Sans this the linkage of buyers and sellers weaken which adversely affects the livelihoods of the producers. This impacts the overall quality of life of the artisans & crafts persons. Their skills to match to market requirements need to be constantly upgraded.

Farmers are the food providers. Our economy is agrarian. Number of persons; population is in increase. Need of food, that's too in varieties is also in increase. The base producers' skill and knowledge-base also must keep pace with the demand. This will secure their livelihoods as well as meet the food requirement. At two components of food security shall be ensured: availability and accessibility.

SOVA's Interventions

Youth: Imparting vocational training in employable skills to educated well as unemployed youths; both male and females across its area of operation.
Training on Mobile Repairing
Artisans/ Crafts Persons: It is a two pronged intervention; to new persons and to traditional ones.
Training on Applique making
Training on Bamboo Crafts
Training on Terracotta
Handicrafts Exhibition