Support for infrastructure development of Small Farmers:

Agriculture being the backbone of the state’s economy suffers a backlog due to poor irrigational facilities, which has many a times caused unfortunate, sorrowful and untimely demise of a number of farmers across the state. SOVA discussed the apathetic matter with different stakeholders including the Odisha Lift Irrigation Corpn., the major institution for installation of Lift Irrigation points. Knowing that the farms have beeen provided with Lift Irrigation Points which are yet to be operationalized owing lacks of contribution of farmers, SOVA held a series of discussions with BASAID, a swiss based INGO, the State Food Commission and the Managing Director, OLIC, Govt. of Odisha. The OLIC provided SOVA a list of 319 farmers in Nilagiri Block of Balasore who could be assisted. SOVA undertook a Baseline Survey and finalized 163 farmers out of which 62 belonged to Scheduled Tribe category whereas 23 to Scheduled Caste and others to Other Backward communities. BASAID obliged by agreeing to support the farmers.

Promotion of System of Rice Intensification (SRI)

SOAVS promotes System of Rice Intensification in order to increase farm yield of rice. This is a system of transplantation paddy to increase productivity. Sponsored by the Agriculture Department of Government of Odisha, SOVA pushes the cause forward. As a demonstrative measure, SOVA has encouraged SRI covering about 1000 hectares of paddy cultivation.

Training to artisans

Artisans form a large part of target group of SOVA. SOVA imparts training to the artisans and crafts persons. Trades till date has included terracotta, bamboo craft, appliqué etc. The purpose of such training is to bring the artisans/ crafts persons closer to customers, enlarge the customer base and finally ensure well being of the artisans. SOVA has imparted skill development training to traditional artisans, training on development of designs in vogue to these artisans.

As a measure to establishing market linkage, SOVA organizes exhibitions, trade fares for the products.