SOVA is an active supporter of any effort to protect environment from any harm. Flora and Fauna are complementary to each other. Joining hands with other for this cause and letting others join hands with us is mandate. SOVA engages itself in multifaceted activities to address environmental issues including cleanliness drives.


Each monsoon SOVA plants saplings in wastelands in association with villagers, youth clubs and other community based organizations. We ensure social safeguard for the plantation.

Sensitization Programme for VSS:

The Van Samrakhyan Samitis (VSS) formed by the Department of Forests across the state have proved to a powerful and effective instrument in protection of forests, meeting peoples demand for forest products which are directly consumed by them for sustenance and build a sense of community's ownership of the forests. This has led to a belief that participatory intervention result in yielding better results.

SOVA mobilized 33 Nos. of VSSs across the district of Dhenkanal to educate them on various aspects of forest protection, laws regarding forests and forest-dwellers, generation of social profits out of the engagements etc.

Observation of World Environment Day:

On June 5th every year SOVA observes the World Environment Day. The observations are not limited only to training, meetings etc., but are action oriented too, and for example 2016 witness a massive cleanliness drive in Bhojadeipur of Dhenkanal District.

A group of interns from Rochester University were visiting SOVA for internship. They took a very active part in the drive. Below are some photographs; they cleaning the garbage, planting saplings, please view.