Inclusiveness: SOVA believes in inclusive growth. Each human born has a right to grow with abilities to fulfill his/her ambitions; benefit from all developmental initiatives and make better provisions for the future generations. No one should be excluded for unreasonable reasons.

Respect for community: There is a great amount of knowledge, skills and resources untapped at the community level which must be respected and mobilized for their well being and improvement. The involvement of community members at all levels of a project implementation shall bear better results.

Accountability: Its not only responsibility but also accountability which marks involvement of SOVA in community development. Accountability gives SOVA to improve its strategies and overcome follies with greater responsiveness.

Ensuring equity: Equity, not similar with equality, but ensuring that what someone gets is fair and just.

News and Events

Interns from Rochester University visited SOVA: Interns from Rochester University visited SOVA from 19/ 05/ 2016 to 07/06/ 2016 to witness its works. They witnessed the primary health activities, the training and interacted with district administration and other official, the PRIs, CBOs and gained knowledge on the health status of the area, SOVA’s interventions and reflected on the grey areas as well as what best can be done to address issues.

Shengxiao “Sunshine” Yu, Director of Partnerships, Asia and Americas, GlobeMed visited SOVA from 29/05 /2017 to 30/05/ 2017 and witnessed the health activities of SOVA. She visited an Outreach Health Camp and plants a tree in the Srimula PHC Campus.

Director and Team Leader SOVA visited Chiang Mai, Thailand to attend the South Asia Partners Forum Meeting from 08/06/2017 to 10/06/2017

August 5, 2017: Visit of Interns from Rochester University, USA for gaining a first-hand exposure to SOVA’s interventions in health sector covering rural, remote and difficult parts of the district.
Registration of SC/ ST farmers: Identification and support to smallholding SC & ST farmers for infrastructure development. Farmers shall be selected for support in accordance of the scale of their needs.
Registration ongoing for: Training on General Duty Assistant in Health Care. Trainees shall have enhanced opportunities for engagements in institutional health care sector.
Implementation of Model Kitchen Garden in sample schools. This an extension of nutrition supplements to address malnutrition and stunting problem.
Registration of Voluntary Blood Donors for Mega Blood Donation Camp on 15th August 2017.